The Technology Resource Center is the training facility provided under the Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant to help integrate multimedia technology into the curriculum at Merced College. Run by Manuel Costa, the faculty and staff of Merced College can receive training at the TRC involving the use of a variety of multimedia technologies.

Training Provided

This training includes software packages like Microsoft PowerPoint,  Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft SharePoint Designer, Macromedia Authorware, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Premiere, and others. The training also includes instruction on how to use scanners, video digitizers, multimedia presentation equipment, and other devices to successfully create and present multimedia course ware. In conjunction with the other AV technicians, Manuel can provide training in the use of the SharePoint portal and related systems.

Our Facilities

The TRC is fully equipped with up-to-date computers and peripherals such as video digitizers and image scanners to assist with the production of multimedia programs. After their training is completed, the faculty can utilize the resources of the TRC to maintain existing course ware or develop new projects. The TRC is always subject to prior booking, so be sure to contact Manuel ahead of time to schedule an appointment.

Contact Us

Any faculty member of Merced College can utilize the resources of the TRC. Part-time faculty are as welcome as full-time faculty, and occasionally special hours can be arranged to fit the schedule of those who might not otherwise be able to take advantage of this valuable training. Please contact Manuel for more information about scheduling meetings.

Manuel CostaManuel Costa
Educational Media Technician
Phone: (209) 384-6052 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm weekdays