Degrees & Certificates Online

Merced College currently offers 18 associate degrees and 12 certificates in which 50% or more of the required units are satisfied by courses that are approved by Merced College to be offered online.

Associate Degrees

Program Percentage of Units Offered Online
Administrative Medical Office Professional (AA) 56.3%
Biotechnology-Industry (AS)  51.9%
Business Administration (AS-T) 59.3%
Child Development (AA) 75%
Early Childhood Education (AST) 75%
Elementary Teacher Education (AAT) 67.3%
General Business (AA) 52.2%
Geography (AAT) 66.7%
Health Sciences (AA) 57.9%
History (AAT) 85%
Humanities (AA) 55%
International Studies (AA) 100%
Liberal Studies (Teaching Preparation) (AA) 64.7%
Management Information Systems (AS) 51.6%
Psychology (AA) 84.2%
Psychology (AAT) 84.2%
Small Business Entrepreneurship (AA) 60%
Social and Behavioral Sciences (AA) 100%



Program Percentage of Units Offered Online
Administrative Medical Office Professional (CT) 56.3%
CAD Operator (CB) 53.8%
Child Development: Early Intervention Assistant Specialization (CT) 71.9%
Child Development: Families In Crisis Specialization (CT) 68.8%
Child Development: Infant/Toddler Care Specialization (CT) 75%
Child Development: School-Age Care Specialization (CT)  68.8%
CSU General Education (CSU-GE-Breadth) (CT) 84.6%
General Business (CT) 63.3%
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) (CT) 75.7%
Small Business Entrepreneurship (CT) 60%
Social Media (CE) 50%
Virtual Office Professional (CE) 67.9%