Online Learning Readiness Quiz

Merced College Internet-based classes give students an opportunity to complete course work outside the classroom at times they find most convenient. Take our Online Learning Readiness Quiz to determine what you need to do to succeed at online learning.

New to Online Classes?

Are online classes right for you? 

Interactive Tutorials*

The following online tools are provided by the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative:

01 - Introduction to Online Learning View
02 - Getting Tech Ready View
03 - Organizing for Online Success View
04 - Online Study Skills and Managing Time View
05 - Communication Skills for Online Learning View
06 - Online Reading Strategies View
07 - Career Planning View
08 - Educational Planning View
09 - Instructional Support View
10 - Personal Support View
11 - Financial Planning View

More tools to help you succeed:

Basic technology skills for success

  1. Students must already possess the following technology skills:
    • Use of e-mail
    • Ability to create and e-mail documents as attachments (Word and RTF)
    • Experience with uploading and downloading files
    • Experience with posting to discussion boards, on-line chats, and electronic bulletin boards
  2. Students must be able to access their Merced College student e-mail account and have reliable Internet access.
  3. It is strongly recommended that students have easy and regular access (preferably from home) to the identified types of equipment and software.

You may need to come on campus

Currently most of the Internet-based classes require some time on campus in face-to-face contact with the instructor. This requirement will vary from class to class, so read the schedule carefully.

All orientations and in-class sessions for Online Instruction take place on the Merced College Main Campus located at 3600 M Street in Merced or the Los Banos Campus at 22240 Highway 152 in Los Banos.

Don't get dropped from your online class

Failure to attend a mandatory orientation or in-class session may result in your being dropped from the class by the instructor. Some of the instructors require that you e-mail them BEFORE THE CLASS BEGINS. It is highly recommended that you e-mail the instructor for instructions several weeks before the class begins.

Useful Guidelines for Success

* These multimedia tutorials were developed by the OEI and are copyrighted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. Under Creative Commons licensing, they are available to all California community colleges and may be re-purposed to meet the unique needs of an individual college.