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ASMC Los Banos

    The Associated Students of Merced College has a rich tradition dating back to the first Los Banos campus. Our students come from every background imaginable and bring an incomparable richness of spirit to our school.  After lying fallow for many years, our student government and its associated clubs are roaring back to life!  We expect great things from our new ASMC members.
    The ASMC serves the students of Merced College by encouraging interaction among the student body through clubs and intramural activities; allows students to explore their fields of study with the guidance of their peers and their faculty advisers; and giving students a taste of leadership by accepting the responsibilities of student government. 

We would like to express our gratitude to the encouraging voice of Jackie Solis who has provided us with every tool we need to succeed and strives every day to make Merced College a better place. Our thanks extends to every member of the faculty and staff at the Los Banos campus who smooths our path to success and work doggedly behind the scenes and rarely receive credit for their outstanding efforts. Thank you all.
    Dedication, perseverance, and integrity are the bywords of our students.   Los Banos alumni have moved onward to become educators, scientists, engineers, doctors, and professionals of every description.  You will someday be an alumni and be a role model for future generations. To all of you who follow, remember that you carry the honor of your school and your peers with you.
Students of Los Banos, we salute you!