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Associated Students of Merced College (ASMC)

Agendas 2008-2009

Agenda Apr 21 2009.pdf

 Agenda Apr 7 2009.pdf

 Agenda Dec 9, 2008.pdf

 Agenda Feb 9 2009.pdf

 Agenda Feb24 2009.pdf

 Agenda Jan 27 2009.pdf

 Agenda Mar 10 2009.pdf

Agenda May 19 2009.pdf

 Agenda May 5 2009.pdf

Agenda Nov. 11, 2008.pdf

 Agenda Nov. 25, 2008.pdf

 Agenda Oct 14 2008.pdf

 Agenda Oct 28, 2008.pdf

 Agenda Sept 02 2008.pdf

 Agenda Sept 16 2008.pdf

 Agenda Sept 30 2008.pdf





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