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Career Advancement Academy (CAA)

Our Mission
“To provide instructional programs for the adult learner to meet the current needs and anticipate the challenges of our community’s businesses and medical offices.”
This mission is accomplished through:
·         Nurturing the unique talents of each individual
·         Promoting a culture that respects and values
·         Developing confidence and skills to face a
           rapidly changing world
·         Creating fulfilled, socially responsible, lifelong
Be a part of the our program!
We include:
·         Open entry/Open exit format
·         Competency based training
·         Hands-on activities
·         Individualized skill training
·         Opportunity for community based
·         IC3 and MOS Certification
·         State of the Art computer labs and work stations
·         Central Valley’s only certified IC3 training facility
·         Comprehensive program to allow for job readiness
·         Practical applications for basic skills
·         Contextualized learning
·         Quality training from experienced
           instructors and personnel
FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q:  What are the advantages of training at CAA?

A:   We offer a user friendly atmosphere, classroom training assistants, and hands on learning
Q:  When are classes held?
A:   Weekday’s from 8 am to 4 pm
Q: How long do classes last?
A:   Classes range from 1 week to 45 weeks,
        depending on the course.
Q:  Do you have summer session?
A:   Yes, we have classes year round.
Q: What is the cost for tuition?
A:   There are no tuition fees, however there are books and other supplies that need to be purchased.
Q:  Do you offer tutorial assistance?
A:   We have training assistants that are available in the classroom during the entire class day.
Q:  Can I receive certifications?
A: You will receive a certificate of competency for the program you complete.  You will also have the
      opportunity to receive IC3 and MOS Certification.
Q: How do I register?
A: First, attend an orientation, contact us for more details.
Q: Are the classes just for beginners?
A: No classes are available  to a variety of skill levels. Course materials are college level in a non-credit setting.
Q: Can I take classes if I already have medical or general office skills?
A:   Yes, why not freshen up or learn something new?
Interested? Give us a call at  209.386.6738 or 209.386.6739  
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
1.    CAA Program Flyer
2.    January-June 2013 Orientation Dates
3.    July-December 2013 Orientation Dates


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