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 How do I check my grades?

Check your grades online with WebAdvisor

  1. Log into the MC Portal (
  2. Click on Grades which is found in the WebAdvisor menu under Academic Profile
  3. Choose the semester you want to view and then click submit to view grades

Warning: If you want your data access blocked, you must file a written request that reaches Admissions and Records by the last day of the semester.

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 How do I get a duplicate degree?

Fill out the Duplicate Degree Request Form online, then print, sign, date and either mail or fax the form.  Instructions on where to mail or fax the completed form are on the top part of the form.

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 How do I get information about graduation?

Apply for graduation in the term that you will graduate. Be sure to see your counselor for details on how to apply and for deadlines. More information about applying for graduation and the graduation ceremony.

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