The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) refers to the services Merced College provides you from your point of entry through the completion of
your program of study. The State of California mandated SSSP services are the orientation, assessment, counseling and other educational planning, and
follow up and referral. The intent of these services is to increase your opportunity for success in your academic pursuits. You are required to become a
matriculated student unless you meet the exemption criteria.

Merced College Responsibilities

Within the Student Success and Support Program Merced College provides an orientation to college programs, services, and procedures; an assessment
of basic educational skills and career goals; pre-enrollment counseling/advising and course selection; a suitable curriculum or program of courses; quality
instruction; and continuous follow up on student progress with referral to support services when needed.

Student Responsibilities

As part of the Student Success and Support Program, students agree to express a broad educational intent at the time of admission; declare a specific
educational objective within a reasonable period of enrollment; complete the placement test or other assessments; confer with counselors for registration
approval and discussion of educational and vocational choices; attend classes (including orientation) and complete assigned course work; seek out
support services as needed; and complete courses and maintain progress toward an educational goal.

You are a matriculated student if you have completed the orientation, assessment process, and have met with a counselor to complete an abbreviated
or comprehensive student education plan.

You are an exempted student if you have an AA/AS or higher degree (and can provide documentation); are enrolling at the college for a reason other
than career development or advancement, transfer, attainment of a degree or certificate of achievement, or completion of a basic skills or English as a
Second Language course sequence; are enrolling at the college solely to take a course that is legally mandated for employment or necessary in response
to a significant change in industry or licensure standards; has enrolled at the college as a special admit student (K-12).

As an exempted student, you are not required to participate in any SSSP service. However, you may participate in any or all of these services if you
choose to do so.

To become a matriculated student, you must complete the following SSSP services. To begin the matriculation process, go to the Apply Today page. The steps are listed as follows:

  1. Apply - complete our online application
  2. Orient - complete our online orientation
  3. Assess - complete the assessment requirements
  4. Plan - sign up for a new student planning session.

Note: Please identify any special needs accommodations required when you make any of the above appointments.

  • Complete the English and Math assessments. Your student ID card is required. Retaking assessment tests is not allowed until your subsequent
    semester of enrollment, except in rare circumstances when approved by a counselor. Once you have begun a math or English course, you cannot
    retake the assessment tests. The Assessment Center is located on the first floor of the Lesher Student Services Center.
  • Bring your assessment information and high school and/or other college transcripts to your new student planning session.
  • Register for classes, beginning October 15, 2014, on the Merced College website or at the registration counter in the Lesher Student Services Center..
  • Pay fees, according to the fee payment schedule in place at the time you register, at the Student Fees counter in the Lesher Student Services Center.