Written Career/Interest Assessment

*For infomation about the following assessments below please see a Merced College Career Counselor, Career Center staff, or a Merced College Guidance Counselor.  For assistance, please contact Luciano Gonzalez at  (209) 384-6053 or luciano.gonzalez@mccd.edu.*

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 
  • An individual’s personality preferences
  • How personality preferences relate to researching careers
  • Careers that would compliment those preferences
Strong Inventory
  • An individual’s interests
  • Careers or activities that would compliment these interests
  • Compares interest’s to the interest’s of those already in the field

Online Career/Interest Assessment 

In order to take the following assessments, please call or stop by the Merced College Career Center for assistance. There is no fee attached to take assessments. *(Site ID code will be required)*

  • MicroSkills
    • Assessment of individual's skills and talents
  • True Colors
    • Assessment of correlation between personality and occupation
  • Occupations Questionnaire
    • Individual's expectations of occupation based on salary, education and skills
  • Career Self Assessment
    • Assessment on an individual’s preferences about activities that may be performed on the job