Choosing a career is difficult for many students.  There are many options and interests to consider.  For some students a step by step process makes choosing a career much easier.

Step 1 - Assess Yourself

There are several different areas that you need to evaluate about yourselves before choosing a career.  By taking a Career Interest and Skill Test you will be able to assess your personality, skills and abilities, interests, values and lifestyle preferences.  It is important to  realize what your strengths are in each area in order to pick a career that will suit you.

Step 2 - Make an Appointment with a Career Counselor 

Discuss with a Career Counselor your possible career and major choices. A career counselor will be able to translate your Career Interest and Skills test results. 

Step 3 - Investigate Career Options 

You will narrow down your career choices and begin extensively research each option. You may visit the Career Center for assistance. You can also research other aspects of a career such as salary, job openings and the growth outlook for that field.  You will also need to decide how much education is required for a certain career and whether or not you are willing able to obtain it.  You will want to make sure the career you choose is something that you will enjoy doing everyday.

Step 4 - Decision Time!

After finding your strengths and researching potential careers, it is then time to make a decision.  You will need to consider all of the details about an occupation and then determine what you would like to pursue.

Step 5 - Process to Achievement

Achieving the career that you have chosen will require different actions for each individual. All choices will require you to start building up your resume.  You may contact the Career Center for additional assistance and resources. After you have met all the educational requirements, you will then need to start searching for a position in that field.

While going through this process, you may find it beneficial to speak with a Merced College Counselor about educational questions that may arise while going through these steps.