Student with SkateboardWhat is a Student Education Plan?

A Comprehensive Student Education Plan is a road map to your goal. It includes the courses that you will need and helps plan out when to take these courses. Your education plan is based on your goal whether it is to graduate, transfer, or obtain a certificate.



Abbreviated vs. Comprehensive Student Education Plan

Abbreviated Student Education Plan Comprehensive Student Education Plan*
Maps out courses for the first and sometimes second semester Maps out all semesters required to meet educational goal
Required in order to register for the first term May be required in order to maintain priority registration
To get this plan, attend a new student orientation session and then meet with a counselor. Attend this session in Merced or Los Banos. To get this plan, schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor

* Please note it is strongly encouraged that all students complete a comprehensive student education plan as      soon as they have identified their educational goal and no later than the completion of 15 units. 

The comprehensive student education plan is the single most valuable service a student can receive from counseling.