How to Enroll into DSPS?

  1. Complete the Merced College Application, Orientation and Placement Questionnaire.
  2. Complete the DSPS Program Application and submit by emailing to or fax to 209-384-6013.
  3. Submit Verification of Disability by emailing to or fax to 209-384-6013. Forms of Disability Verification are listed below.
    • Provide a disability verification form from a certified professional who diagnosed the disability.
    • Any documentation that lists your disability and signed by the certified professional.
    • Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) from your K-12 school
    • Obtain a Learning Disability (LD) Assessment through the DSPS Office.
    • Verification of Observable Medical/Disabling Condition (Completed by a DSPS
      Certificated Staff member).
  4. A Classified Professional will contact you regarding your initial intake appointment.