Alternate Media

Test Proctoring



Alternate Media

  • Audio (mp3, Kurzweil 3000) – Class material including textbooks converted to audioformat.
  • Software – Dragon - Voice command, Jaws – Text to speak, Zoom Text – Screen magnifying software, Glean- notetaking software.
  • E-Text – Classroom material can be converted into pdf, docx, rtf, txt format.
  • Braille – Textbooks and classroom materials are converted into braille.
  • Large Print – Textbooks and classroom materials are converted into large print.
  • Equipment
    • Digital Recorder – Recorders are used to record lectures.
    • UbiDuo - is a portable stand-alone communication device with two halves that can be carried anywhere at any time.
    • Laptops – Laptop with DSPS software can be loaned out to students.
    • CCTV - CCTV magnifiers provide low vision aid for a full range of visual needs, specializing in assisting individuals who are visually impaired
    • FM system - An FM system is similar to a radio tower and a car radio. A microphone picks up the talker's voice, and the talker's voice is sent to a receiving device using radio waves.
    • Large Print Keyboard - is designed for visually impaired students and provides a way to type on a real keyboard with letters that are easy to see and locate.

To request your class material in alternate formats:

*Requests submitted after the semester begins may take longer to fill.

  • Meet with your DSPS counselor for possible approval of alternate media accommodations.
  • To receive the alternate media accommodation, you will have to purchase or rent a copy of the textbook. Bring your receipt to the Accessibility Specialist
  • Student must contact the Accessibility Specialist, Kito Moua.
  • The Accessibility Specialist and/or DSPS staff will keep in contact with you regarding the status of your alternate media request.
  • If your book is not available in electronic format, it is possible that your book may have to be taken apart to be scanned. After your textbook is scanned, it will be rebound and returned to you.
  • Please notify the Accessibility Specialist if you have dropped a class that has been approved for Alternate Media Accommodations.

Kito Moua

Accessibility Specialist, Alternate Media
Lesher Student Services Building,
Room L-110

Phone: (209) 381-6406



Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring services are provided by Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS) Office for students who, as a result of a disability- related functional limitation, have been authorized by their counselor for this accommodation.

This authorization has been made following an evaluation by DSPS and/or a LD Specialist to
determine the appropriateness of this accommodation.

Testing Process for In-Person Test Taking

Test proctoring guidelines for students

  • Test proctoring services will only be provided to you if you have a verifiable disability with a disability-related functional limitation which prevents you from taking your tests in class.
  • Violations of the District Academic Honesty Policy/Procedures will result in immediate termination of your test, confiscation of all related materials and may result in suspension or termination of this service for the remainder of the current semester.
  • To insure the availability of space and/or staff, you must make an appointment to take the test at least 4 days prior to the scheduled test.
    • In Merced, at the DSPS Office, Room 234, Lesher Student Services Building.
    • In Los Banos, in the DSPS Office, Building A, Room 137
  • The Test Proctoring Form must be signed by a DSPS Classified Professional prior to the initiation of test proctoring services.
  • If you require a test be read (Kurzweil), Brailled or enlarged, you must take the Test Proctoring Form to your instructor at least five working days before the exam is scheduled to be taken. Failure to follow this requirement may result in our inability to guarantee timely testing arrangements.
  • You are given a 10-minute grace period from the time the test is scheduled. At the end of this time, the student is considered a “no show” and the test is returned to the instructor.
  • If you are unable to take the test at the scheduled time, it is your responsibility to notify the DSPS Office (Insert Contact Us Link Here) prior to the testing appointment. You should contact the DSPS office ASAP to reschedule your test. (Prior to rescheduling, you must get approval from your instructor). Three (3) failures to notify DSPS may result in suspension or termination of this service for the remainder of the current semester.
Semester Days Times
Spring Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  8:30am - 4:30pm
Fall Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  8:30am - 4:30pm
Summer Monday - Thursday  8:00am - 4:00pm
Test Proctor: Yadira Morales
Lesher Building Room L-7
Phone: (209) 381-6532


Interpreting Services

Types of Interpreting Services 

  • ASL Sign Language Interpreted
    • The Interpreter’s primary function is to facilitate communication between the students, staff and faculty of Merced College.
  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
    • Is a video telecommunication service that uses devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services.
  • Real Time Captioning (CART)
    • Real-time captioning simultaneously converts the spoken word into printed format using computer-aided translation, which appears on to the computer screen for the student to view.

How to request Interpreting Services

  • Complete Interpreter Request fillable form add link that will go to
    • Request must be submitted 2 business day prior to request

*Cancelation: notify the DSPS office 3 business days in advance by e-mail or Text (209)600-2778