Sylvia Ruano
Director of  Extended Opportunity Programs & Services  
Phone (209) 384-6092

Nora Martinez
EOPS/CARE Program Assistant
Phone (209) 384-6093

Nora is a long time employee of Merced College. Prior to becoming the EOPS/CARE Program Assistant, Mrs. Martinez worked as a Clerk Typist for the Independent Living Program, a Secretary for the Tri-College Center and a Financial Aid Advisor. She is a product of Merced College.

Himmelda Luna
EOPS/CARE Administrative Assistant
Phone (209) 386-6693

Isabel CambridgeIsabel Cambridge
EOPS Counselor

Isabel Cambridge joined the Merced College EOPS team in 2001. Prior to Merced College, Isabel worked in the university and Liberal Arts college settings. She has been a counselor and educator for over 17 years. She enjoys working with the resilient student population that EOPS serves. In addition to being a counselor, Isabel teaches several guidance courses and is the advisor for the Native American Student club.

Debbie CoxDebbie Cox
EOPS/CARE/DSS Counselor - Los Banos Campus

Debbie Cox is an EOPS/CARE/DSS counselor on the Los Banos Campus.

Amir FalahiAmir Falahi
EOPS Counselor

Mr. Falahi is a Merced College graduate who enjoys participating in the college graduation ceremonies and observing students, many that remind him of himself, accomplish their dreams.

Lou Ferguson
EOPS Counselor

Ms. Ferguson has worked as an EOPS counselor at Merced College since 1996, and considers her assignment as challenging, stimulating, and exciting. She is appreciative of individual differences, and enjoys the interpersonal interaction with the diverse student population.

Cristina GarciaDr. Cristina Garcia
EOPS Counselor

Dr. Garcia joined the Merced College EOPS team in Fall 2014. Currently she counsels students in both General Guidance and EOPS.

Sabrina Frias
EOPS Counselor

Mrs. Frias joined the Merced College EOPS team in Fall 2014. She is currently a counselor for General Guidance and EOPS.

John Her 
Student Services Assistant, (209) 384-6094

John has been a member of the EOPS team at Merced College since 1999 and has a B.S. from the DeVry Institute of Technology, City of Industry.

Eugene HerEugene Her
Student Services Assistant, (209) 384-6269

Eugene has been with Merced College EOPS/CARE Program since July 1991. He got promoted from a part-time worker to a Student Support Coordinator responsible for EOPS tutorial/peer support projects and is now a Student Service Assistant. Eugene earned his B.S. degree from Fresno State University and M. S. degree from the University of La Verne. Students are his priorities and he enjoys helping them to overcome barriers. His multilingual skills give him the distinctive advantages when dealing with students of diverse ethnic backgrounds. His message to students is to have ambition, determination and hard work to achieve an educational goal. His motto is to “respect others as you would like them to do unto you.”

Joseph Ortiz
Student Services Assistant, (209) 384-6090

Joseph A. Ortiz (Joe) graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 2003.  Joe began working at Merced College EOPS in 1998 as an Instructional Assistant helping students succeed in Basic Skills English and math.  Currently, Joe works as an EOPS Student Services Assistant.  To be sure, Joe enjoys assisting EOPS students achieve their academic and personal goals. 

If you have any questions, stop by the EOPS office on the second floor of the Lesher Student Services Building to ask about EOPS/CARE programs or contract Joe by email at  email: or phone 384-6090.