Important Dates to Remember

October 1st You can file your FAFSA for the next school year. File your next year’s FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st.
March 1st The Merced College Foundation Scholarship application and booklet is available in the Financial Aid Office and online.
March 2nd Postmark deadline for Cal Grants. Both the GPA Verification Form and the FAFSA must be postmarked by this date. Please note this is the deadline for CADA students to apply for Cal Grant.
*If you have completed 16 degree applicable units at Merced College your GPA Verification will be sent electronically.
March 31st, 4PM Deadline for turning in your Merced College Foundation Scholarship application. If March 31st is on a weekend, the deadline is the last school day in March.
April 1st Begin checking your student e-mail for information regarding your 2016-2017 Student Aid Report.
June 23rd Deadline for new 15-16 Financial Aid packets in order to be considered for the July 14th disbursement.
June 28th Deadline for all 15-16 Financial Aid missing documents in order to be considered for the July 14th disbursement.
September 2nd Second chance postmark deadline for Cal Grants for community college students only. Both the FAFSA and the GPA Verification Form must be postmarked by this date.