Q. I submitted my FAFSA but forgot to list Merced College, how can I get my FAFSA information sent to Merced College?

A. You can add Merced College by accessing your student aid report at studentaid.gov--you will need your FSA ID. If you do not have a FSA ID you can request one on the same site. 

Q. I thought I could afford community college. Now the fees are going up, the cost of books is unbelievable, even the price of gas is more than I can handle. I need help!!! Is there aid for working students??

A. You do not have to come from a low income family to qualify for financial aid. You just have to show that you need help with the costs of college attendance. Most middle income families need every dollar just to support the household. They do not have any extra money to pay for fees, books or school transportation. More than likely such families will qualify at least for a fee waiver and/or other financial assistance. Assume you are eligible. Apply now.

Q. I have thought about financial aid before, but I do not want to have a big debt hanging over my head when I leave college. Can I get financial aid now that I will not have to pay back later?

A. Most financial aid at Merced College is money that does not have to be repaid. Grants, part-time employment and scholarships make up the majority of the millions in annual aid received by students at Merced College. 

Q. I have seen the application for student aid. It looks like an encyclopedia. I'd like to apply but I can not figure out the system. How can I get money when I can not even understand the form?

A. It is confusing. That is why there are professional staff available just to help you fill out the application and answer your questions about the process. These options are available to assist you:

  1. Make an online FAFSA Application Assistance appointment. 
  2. Attend one of the financial aid workshops. Check the schedule to see if there is a convenient date for you to attend. (Los Banos Campus)
  3. Use the Chat Now feature at the bottom righ corner of this page. Help is available-just ask!

Q. Lots of students need financial help. How can I be sure that I will get any money?

A. It is true, many students apply for financial aid. To make sure your application receives the best consideration, apply early. For priority consideration for all Merced College financial aid, you should submit your FAFSA every year between October 1st and March 2nd for the following academic year. For Cal Grant consideration, the priority deadline is March 2nd. You can submit your FAFSA after March 2nd for all federal grants and institutional aid.

Q. I have been out of school a long time. I am not ready to be a full-time student; but I still need help with college costs. Is there any aid for me?

A. Yes. You do not have to be a full-time student to receive financial aid. There is no unit requirement for enrollment fee waivers through the Board of Governors Fee Waiver Program. To receive assistance from other state and federal programs, you can take as few as six units and still qualify for financial aid.

Q. I am not a high school graduate. Can I still get financial aid?

A. Students without high school diplomas can qualify for financial aid if they have a GED or have passed the California High School Proficiency Exam. New regulations effective July 1, 2012, state that students who are or were enrolled in a Title IV program anytime prior to July 1, 2012 may be eligible by demonstrating readiness  for college by taking the Ability-To-Benefit (ATB) test or by completing at least 6 units of degree applicable college coursework with grades of "C" or better.

Q. I have heard about waivers for the enrollment fee, but I am not on public assistance. Even so, I will not be able to afford the per unit cost. What can I do?

A. You might qualify for an enrollment fee waiver if you meet certain income requirements based on family size. You should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and check with the Financial Aid Office.

Q. I am still Confused!!!

A. You are not alone. Just remember this: There is financial aid available for enrollment fees and other college costs. Apply now. Help is available for the asking. Contact the Financial Aid Office for answers to your questions.