There is a Circulation Desk on the first and second floor of the LRC. Check out periodicals, magazines, CDs, DVDs, iPads, textbooks, and books here. You will ALWAYS need your Student ID to check out materials. 


Material Check-Out Period Fine
Book 14 days $0.10/day
DVD 7 days $0.10/day
CD 7 days $0.10/day
Magazine In-Library Use Only Due by closing
Computer Pass 2 hours $1.25/hour
Study Room 2 hours $1.25/hour
Textbook 2 hours, In-Library Use Only $1.25/hour
iPad 2 hours, In-Library Use Only $1.25/hour
Headphones, calculators, dry-erase markers, etc. In-Library Use Only Due by closing


How do I check out materials? 

You will need your Student ID with a 14-digit Library barcode sticker attached to the back. If this is your first time checking out materials, you will receive a barcode for free at the Circulation Desk; the cost of replacement is $1. 

How do I check out a Study Room?

Study Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check out at the circulation desk with your Student ID. Study Rooms can accomodate up to 6 people. Groups take priority and may bump a single person from a room. 

How do I renew material that I have checked out?

You may renew books only once online; subsequent renewals must be done in the Library.

CDs & DVDs can be renewed only in the Library, and are not available for renewal online. 

Are food and drinks allowed in the Library?

We allow drinks with lids only. Drinks are NEVER allowed on tables near computers or other technology. Please help us keep your library clean by picking up after yourself.

Food is NOT allowed in the Library. We librarians are very sensitive to the sounds of rustling food wrappers, and will ask that you to leave the library to finish your snack, or throw the food away.