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Parking Permits

Semester parking permits are sold exclusively online, www.mycampuspermit.com and can be purchased at any time.  Students will use their portal login to proceed and community members who wish to purchase a permit may do so after going online and registering.  Once a purchase for a semester pass is completed, a temporary pass may be printed out immediately to be displayed.  Temporary passes are only valid for 10 days to allow the physical parking permit to arrive at the designated address indicated in the purchase.  If the physical parking permit does not arrive, please call PMB immediately, 1-800-700-4417.

Students will need to contact Helpdesk for their portal login.

About Parking on Our Campuses

  • Parking is by Permit Only; valid in General parking areas
  • There are no free parking except for the few 10 minute stalls located throughout the parking lots marked with green paint
  • Day passes may be purchased from Ticket Dispensers for $1.00 a day
  • Semester Passes are sold online for $20 each ($10 for Summer semester) on www.mycampuspermit.com
  • No overnight parking permitted unless prior authorization has been approved by the President's Office
  • See our interactive campus map for parking lot locations


There are various motorcycle parking on campus indicated with MOTORCYCLE painted on the curb.  A parking pass is not required to park his/her motorcycle in these locations.  However, if a student should choose to park  in a regular parking stall then yes, a parking pass is required.  A parking pass for the semester may be purchased online, www.mycampuspermit.com.  Please note, you will only need to register your motorcycle license plate number into the system.  A parking permit WILL NOT be mailed out.

Rules & Policies

Upon the five entryways of Merced Community College District Campus are signs stating parking is by
permit only. All persons who enter college grounds are charged with the knowledge of these provisions and are subject to fines, towing, or impoundment.

Parking permits and day passes allow for parking in general parking only; therefore, not valid in timed,
staff, handicap, or admin parking. All handicap parking must display a valid handicap placard or license in conjunction with a Parking Pass/Permit.

Refer to Board Policy/Administrative Procedure 6750.

Dispute or Pay a Parking Citation

If you received a parking citation, you can do one of two things: Dispute or Pay

To Dispute:

  1. Log on to http://www.pmbonline.org
  2. Enter Citation Number OR License Plate Number
  3. Click DISPUTE
  4. Fill in the information under RESPONDENT'S INFORMATION, including the statement.
    It is imperative a valid email address is entered. Response will be sent by way of electronic mail.

To Pay:

  1. Payments can be made online with a Visa or Mastercard at http://www.pmbonline.org
    Check or money order made payable to PMB can be sent to One University Circle, Turlock, CA 95382.

Citation must be paid or disputed within 21 days of issuance to avoid further fines, DMV holds, or possible tow. After time allowance, option to dispute will be waived.

Refer to Board policy/Administrative Policy 6751.