Submit a Semester Request Form

In order to utilize your GI Bill® Education Benefits and to notify the VA of your enrollment at Merced College, you must submit a new Certification Form each semester. You can access a semester request form by emailing our VA Certifying Official, Dustin Thompson ( and requesting that the  form be sent to you via AdobeSign. 

Ensure that you are only taking classes that are listed on your Student Education Plan

The only classes you are authorized to take are those that are listed on your veterans student education plan. If you meet with another counselor who adds classes to your plan, please note those are not considered payable unless the Veterans Counselor has reviewed them and added them to your ed plan. To ensure that you stay on track to complete your educational goal in a timely manner it is recommended that you meet with the Veterans Counselor at least once a semester.  

Notify the VRC of any changes to your schedule

Anytime you add or drop a class you will need to notify our VA Certifying Official, Dustin Thompson (, as it could result in an overpayment that you will be responsible for paying back to the VA. 

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

You must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain in good standing. Once you drop below a 2.0 GPA you will be placed on academic probation and the VA will be notified.  If you remain on academic probation for 3 semesters you will be dismissed from using VA benefits for a period of at least 1 semester.  Maintaining satisfactory progress is also important to maintaining financial aid eligibility.  

Verify Your Enrollment

If you are using Chapter 30 or 1606 benefits you will need to verify your enrollment on the last day of instruction for each month. You can verify your enrollment by calling  1-877-823-2378 or by logging into the WAVE system at