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Completing Your Financial Aid File

An advisor reviews your financial aid paperwork including your Merced College transcript. Your advisor then determines if:

  1. All information is accurate and you are “packaged” and subsequently an award letter will be available on MC4Me.
  2. More information is needed and you are advised in person or by letter of what information is needed.
  3. Corrections must be made and our office will make them electronically.
  4. You are not eligible because of grades or you have attempted more than 150% of the required units for completion of your academic program at Merced College (satisfactory academic progress) and disqualified for financial aid. You will be advised of your options.
  5. If you are not eligible for other reasons you will be notified.

You should read your award letter carefully and pay attention to the terms listed. The award amounts are based on full-time enrollment so, if you are enrolled in less than 12 units, your award amount will differ from the amount stated in the letter. Please refer to the Financial Aid Schedule of Disbursements web page.