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Current Updates

New regulation changes affecting student eligibility for federal student aid: Financial Aid Regulations

Applying for Financial Aid using the CADA (CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT APPLICATION)…

CADA is the application for certain documented and eligible undocumented students.

In 2011, California began allowing undocumented and documented students who meet certain requirements to apply for and receive state financial aid.

CADA can offer to eligible students:

·         Privately funded scholarships at public colleges and universities (starting January, 2012)

·         Institutional financial aid like UC Grants, State University Grants, EOP and EOPS grants and fee waivers, and Community College BOG fee waivers (starting January, 2013)

·         State financial aid like Cal Grants and Chafee Grants (starting with the 2013-2014 academic year)

Eligible undocumented students should complete the CADA January 1 –March 2.  The CADA is very similar to the FAFSA, except it is for students who either don’t have a Social Security number, or who have obtained a Social Security number during the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) or work authorization process.  CADA application information is confidential.  CADA students and their parents are protected by the same privacy and information security laws as all other Cal Grant applicants.

Board of Governors Fee Wavier

For the 2011-2012 school year, and beyond, students who wish to apply for the California Board of Governors Fee Waiver must fill out the appropriate year(s) FAFSA to determine eligibility.  You can apply online at  If you need assistance completing this application, help is available in the FAFSA lab (Lesher 3rd floor room 326).
Paper applications will only be accepted under the following circumstances:

 ·         Students or parents who received SSI/SSP, TANF/Cal Works, and/or General Assistance will need to provide current documentation.

 ·         Students who do not live with their parents and will not be claimed by them on their 2014 Income Tax Forms are eligible to apply as Independent students (for fee waiver purposes only) with supporting documentation.

Please note:  If you feel you are eligible for an exception based on a circumstance not listed above, please contact the Financial Aid Office.