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Merced Blue Card Image
Merced Blue Card by Higher One
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Map of Higher One ATMs
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Merced Blue Card
Merced BlueCard Sample You can avoid ATM fees by using MSEFCU ATMs at any of their locations

Merced Blue Card
Map of Higher One ATMs
As you apply for financial aid at Merced College, you will be issued a Merced Blue Card, which will be used as the key for unlocking your refund preference. DO NOT throw away the Merced Blue Card when you receive it in the mail. You will need the 16-digit number on the card to log on to to choose your refund preference:
  • Activate the Merced Blue Card to directly deposit your financial aid funds to the card;
  • Direct deposit your financial aid funds to an account of your choice; OR
  • Select to receive your funds on a paper check mailed to your residence from Higher One.

If you elect to receive your financial aid refund on your Merced Blue Card, click here to find out how your OneAccount can be used for free.

If you have not chosen a disbursement preference by the refund date, your financial aid refund will be delayed.

In accordance with Federal Refunds & Repayment Regulations, if you withdraw from your classes after receiving your financial aid funds, you may be required to repay all or a portion of the financial aid you received. Please check with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from classes.

Orientation  (View on YouTube - 10:41 minutes)


Where is my Merced Blue Card?

You can check the status of your card by going to www.Merced Blue and select the “Where’s my card,” or by clicking on the following link: where’s my card.

What if I moved?

Whenever you move you must always update your address with Admissions and Record in the Lesher Student Services Center. To verify what address your card was mailed to, please click on the following link; where’s my card. If your card was indeed mailed to the wrong address you will have two options to get your Merced Blue Card:

  1. The fastest and easiest way would be to obtain your mail from your previous address if possible.
  2. You must request a new card through Financial Aid (this process can take up to 2 week)

How do I get my Merced Blue Card?

Merced Community College District students will receive a Merced Blue Card from Higher One in the mail at their primary address on file with Merced College.

What exactly is the One Account?

  • Free Internet banking features
  • The ability to make purchases anywhere Debit Master Card is accepted. Process purchase as a credit to avoid fees - "Swipe and Sign".
  • You may also withdraw cash with no fees at Higher One ATMs located on campus (MSEFCU in the Student Services building at the entrance to Campus Dining) and other locations.
What is a refund?

A refund is new terminology for disbursement.

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What are my refund options for receiving Financial Aid?

  • Easy Refund deposit to the One Account, no monthly fee checking account (refunds available the day Merced College releases them to Higher One).

  • Transfer to another account (ACH - Automated Clearing House), also known as direct deposit (refunds available in 2-3 business days).
  • Receive a paper check from Higher One in the mail (refunds available in 5-7 business days).

What are the advantages of having my refunds (disbursements) deposited to my One Account?

  • Depositing your refund to the One Account and selecting an Easy Refund is the quickest way to gain access to your Financial Aid funds.
  • The Merced Blue Card is NOT A CREDIT CARD. However, you can use it for purchases at all participating merchants that accept Debit Master Card, get cash at ATMs, pay bills and more. It is recommended to make purchases as credit - "Swipe and Sign," to avoid fees.
  • Parents and friends can easily send you money online with a simple email and a linked bank account.

What if I already have direct deposit set up with my bank?

You may continue to use your current bank to receive your refunds. However, after you activate your card, select your preference as ACH and provide your current bank information.

What are the costs associated with Merced Blue Card?

Higher One Fee Schedule

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