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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline for Merced College?

The deadline is:
Fall Semester-  June 15
Spring Semester- November 15
Summer Semester-  April 15

How can I get an application?

Our application can be downloaded from our applications page.

If you are having trouble downloading the application, please e-mail us at

How much does it cost for one year of study at Merced College?

The cost is for one year, not including summer is approximately $14,000**.
This includes one year of health insurance ($1454.00), Books and supplies estimated at $650.00, and room and board ($6000.00).

The cost for room and board will vary depending on if the student participates in the Homestay Program, lives on their own or with roommates.

**Fees are subject to changes without notice. Current fees are $208.00 plus $46.00 per unit registration fee.

Does Merced College have scholarships?

Unfortunately, Merced College does not have scholarships for new students. However, we do offer a competitive tuition waiver for students who have completed successfully at least one academic semester.

Where can I get a Merced College catalog?

You can look at the Merced College catalog online.

Does Merced College have a housing/homestay program?

If you are interested in the housing/homestay program, please view the following link Homestay 

Can someone pick me up from the airport?

For more information, please see our MCELI Forms page.

What is the TOEFL score that Merced College requires?

Paper-based Test: 450 or higher
Internet Based Test: 45 to 46

We also accept IELTS: 4.5 or higher