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In order to receive information about applying for the jobs that are listed, you must have a Student Employment Information Form and a resume on file in the JOS office. If your name is not in the JOS database, please bring your resume when you come to the office, and you will be given a Student Employment Information Form to fill out.  Once you are enrolled, if you are interested in any of the jobs listed below, please come to the Job Opportunity Services Office on the third floor of the Lesher Building and give the “letter and the number of the job" to the Job Opportunity Services Technician. PLEASE, NO PHONE CALLS or EMAILS. 

  •  JOB NO.                           R-20

  •  JOB TITLE                        Sales Associate

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Variable, Sun- Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT 

  • SALARY                              $9 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must have: effective interpersonal and oral communication skills; knowledge of basic cash handling procedures; basic math skills; ability to perform IBM cash register functions. Will: unload trucks; receive open and unpack cartons and totes; store merchandise in stockroom or move directly to sales floor; build merchandise displays; stock merchandise; rotate and face merchandise on shelves; restock merchandise; bail cardboard and take out trash; clean front end of store.

  •  JOB NO.                           H-01

  •  JOB TITLE                        Math and Language Arts Tutors

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Merced 3:30-5:30pm, Atwater 2:30-4:30pm, Mon thru Fri

  • STATUS                              PT 

  • SALARY                              $15 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must have completed 48 semester units and be able to pass a background check and TB test (at applicant's expense).  Locations: Merced, Atwater, Hilmar, Turlock, Dos Palos, Firebaugh and other surrounding areas.  Will work with a maximum of 8 students in a small group setting in grades K-12.

  •  JOB NO.                           M-O3

  •  JOB TITLE                        Certified Nursing Assistant - Mariposa

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Variable, Sunday thru Saturday, Days, Evenings, Weekends

  • STATUS                              PT and FT   

  • SALARY                              $11.28 hr. - $16.14 hr. DOE

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Perform various non-professional patient/resident care duties in the skilled nursing department.  Maintain and operate hospital and nursing equipment, provide bedside care and assist in the treatment of patients.  May be assigned to other nursing departments as needed.

  •  JOB NO.                          G-1

  •  JOB TITLE                         Biological Field and Laboratory Technician - Modesto and Sacramento  

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Mon thru Fri, Days

  • STATUS                              PT - Seasonal - summer

  • SALARY                             $11.28 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Looking for individuals interested in entry level work associated with fisheries biology, applied ecology and/or environmental sciences.  Will assist with data entry and collection and with assisting biologists in conducting field research. Technicians will be expected to perform routine laboratory tasks.  First Aid and CPR certification is required, but can be obtained after hire.  Must be able to safely lift 40#'s, be able to swim and have a good driving record.

  •  JOB NO.                          O-1

  •  JOB TITLE                         Registrar /Financial Aid Clerk  

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Mon thru Fri, Days

  • STATUS                              FT   

  • SALARY                             $12 - $13 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Manage daily operations of student records , which will  include, but not be limited to: course scheduling, student registration, transcript issues, grading issues, SIA and graduation-related processes, answering phones, tracking student attendance,  and contacting current and potential students and staff. Must possess the required skills and be able to demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.  Demonstrated proficiency using standard office software applications is required.  Strong customer service skills, attention to detail and ability to multi-task are a must.

  •  JOB NO.                          F-04

  •  JOB TITLE                         Barista

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Variable, Sunday thru Saturday, Days, Evenings, Weekends

  • STATUS                              PT    

  • SALARY                             $9 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must be able to learn quickly, to understand and carry out oral and written instructions and request clarification when needed.  Must have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to work as part of a team and the ability to build relationships.

  •  JOB NO.                          M-01

  •  JOB TITLE                         Caregivers, Atwater and Merced

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Variable, Sunday thru Saturday, Days, Evenings, Weekends

  • STATUS                              PT    

  • SALARY                             $9 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must be over the age of 18.  Must have an active Driver's License and your own vehicle.  No criminal record.  CNA or MA preferred, but not required.  Employer will do drug test and conduct background screenings. 

  •  JOB NO.                          R-7

  •  JOB TITLE                         Retail Sales

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   10-30 hours wk, Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5

  • STATUS                              PT    

  • SALARY                             $9 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must have excellent people skills and on-line computer skills.  Will assist customers, operate the cash register, answer the phone and perform other duties, as required. Previous customer service is a plus, as well as a sports background. 

  •  JOB NO.                         H-37 

  •  JOB TITLE                        Personal Assistant

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  2.5 hrs. every weekday, Mon -  Fri: 6:00 am to 8:30 am, or 9:00 am to 11:30 am, or 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm, or 5:00 pm- to 7:30 pm.   Employer's preferred time is 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. 

  • STATUS                             PT    

  • SALARY                             $9 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Seeking an assistant with a vehicle that can accommodate a folding wheelchair. Must be willing to register  or already be registered with In Home Supportive Services.  Gentleman has a fragrance intolerance and is allergic to smoke.   Drinking, smoking and drug use are not allowed.  Duties will include doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking, shopping and cleaning house.   Applicants will be required to pass a background check at their own expense.

  • JOB NO.                         R-2  

  •  JOB TITLE                        Tire/Battery Installer

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  Variable, Days, Evenings, Weekends, Sun - Sat

  • STATUS                             PT    

  • SALARY                             $9 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS             Must be able to change/rotate tires and install batteries.

  •  JOB NO.                         Los Banos - 2 

  •  JOB TITLE                        Merced College Prevention Specialist

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  7.5 hours/week

  • STATUS                             PT  - Temp through January 31, 2016.     

  • SALARY                             $12 hour

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must have knowledge of: office Equipment  (phone, fax, copier etc.),  general administrative principals, domestic violence and sexual assault; computers and software programs (Work, Excel, Internet). Must have ability to: be accurate, reliable, punctual, well organized, careful and thorough; communicate effectively orally and electronically in writing; work effectively with limited supervision and work well with co-workers in a team atmosphere.  Experience working in an office/outreach setting and conducting administrative tasks are a plus.  Must also have ability to: move boxes of files, from one location to another; physical agility to lift and carry up to 20 lbs. and to bend, stoop, walk and reach overhead; sit for extended periods of time; mental acuity to perform the essential functions of this position in an accurate, neat, timely fashion; to make good judgments and decisions.

  •  JOB NO.                    H-35

  •  JOB TITLE                  Personal Assistant/Driver

  •  HOURS/DAYS            10 hours a week, Days, Monday - Sunday, at various times (Will work around school schedule.)

  • STATUS                      PT     

  • SALARY                      $9.47 hr.

  •  QUALIFICATIONS     Active developmentally disabled college student is seeking to hire an assistant to provide transportation and assistance with his disc jockey business.  Applicants must: be 18 years old or older; have a car, a current California Driver's License, a clean driving record and car insurance; be able to pass a background clearance; and be able to secure CPR and First Aid cards, within 90 days of hire.  The assistant will provide transportation to and from dances and other venues and provide support by assisting with advertising, setting up and taking down equipment, generating a list for the different venues, updating songs on lists and making visuals.  Assistant must be able to help with navigating computer programs, improving social media skills, and helping to trouble shoot computer problems.             

  •  JOB NO.                         F-20

  •  JOB TITLE                        Front of House Staff - Modesto

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  Var., Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                             PT     

  • SALARY                             $9 hr. +tips

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Looking for friendly, guest-focused, high energy people to serve guests in a find dining restaurant.  Must have: previous server or restaurant experience; ability and desire to make guests fine dining experience the best possible; ability to learn the restaurant menu and food philosophy, as well as an extensive wine list; ability to learn how to pair menu with wine list; willingness to be cross-trained and scheduled for all front of the house positions; ability to remain calm, friendly and helpful under pressure. Must be available evenings and weekends.  Drug testing is required.

  •  JOB NO.                         H-32

  •  JOB TITLE                        K-8 Tutors, Chowchilla

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  Morning, Midday, Afternoon shifts

  • STATUS                             PT  - Seasonal, during school   

  • SALARY                             $10 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS             Must: be a college student;  be enrolled in 6+ units; have completed 48 college units or be able to pass a proficiency test; have availability during school hours.

  •  JOB NO.                         G-09

  •  JOB TITLE                        Systems Security Alarm Installer

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Mon thru Sat, Days

  • STATUS                             FT  

  • SALARY                            DOE 

  • QUALIFICATIONS             Must: have a valid CA driver's license; reliable transportation with adequate insurance; ability to pass a background check with Live Scan; ability to work a full time, but flexible schedule.  Must also have some technical experience or expertise. 

  •  JOB NO.                          F-16

  •  JOB TITLE                         Cashiers (2) and Drivers (2)

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Open Wed thru Sat, 11:00am to 9:30pm or 10:00pm and Sun 12:00pm to 9:30pm or 10:00pm

  • STATUS                              PT and/or FT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr for cashiers and food handlers, $11 hr for drivers. Drivers must have their own vehicle.

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Ideal candidates will be well groomed and enthusiastic, willing to work, friendly and have a positive attitude.  Drivers must have a valid CA Drivers License with a clean driving record.  Experience is preferred but not mandatory.

  •  JOB NO.                          F-02

  •  JOB TITLE                        Crew Member

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Variable hours - Sun thru Sat , Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT   

  • SALARY                              Not Stated

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must have HS diploma or GED; excellent customer service skills; ability to develop positive working relationships; professional appearance and attitude; ability to be cross trained in all areas of the kitchen and line.

  •  JOB NO.                        H-11

  •  JOB TITLE                       After School Program Assistant

  •  HOURS/DAYS                 Mon thru Fri, 1:00pm to 6:30pm

  • STATUS                            PT  

  • SALARY                           $11.25 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS            Positions available at various school sites throughout Merced County. Must have completed 48 college units or have an NCLB Certificate. (NCLB exam will be available to those who meet minimum requirements, but do not have 48 units.) Must also have over one year of paid or volunteer experience performing similar work with school-age children, i.e.. instructional aide, teacher assistant, baby sitting, child care.

  •  JOB NO.                             H-20

  •  JOB TITLE                           Tutor - After School Program Assistant (High School level)

  •  HOURS/DAYS                     2:00 - 6:00pm, Mon through Fri and  some Saturdays

  • STATUS                                PT/Seasonal    

  • SALARY                                $10.00 HR.

  •  QUALIFICATIONS                Looking for tutors for the next school year starting  Fall 2015.  Must: be a college student; enrolled in 6+ units; have a cumulative GPA of 2.6; have completed 48 college units or be able to pass a proficiency test; have availability within program hours.

  • JOB NO.                                 M-02  

  • JOB TITLE                              Care Giver 

  • HOURS/DAYS                        Mon thru Sun

  • STATUS                                  Variable PT hours, as well as FT hours

  • SALARY                                   $9 hr.

  •  QUALIFICATIONS  Prior experience as a care giver is preferred.  CNA license is a plus.  Requires a background check, finger printing, California driver's license and proof of insurance.  In home positions, as well as residential care facility positions available.

  • JOB NO.                                    F-03              

  • JOB TITLE                                  Mid-shift Crew Members  - Merced and Atwater

  • HOURS/DAYS                            11:00am - 7:00pm and 1:00pm -9:00pm

  • STATUS                                     PT

  • SALARY                                     Not Stated

  • QUALIFICATIONS                      Must be 16 or older.  Looking for friendly people who can deliver excellent customer service with a smile.  Must possess a food Handler's Card.

  • JOB NO.                                   H-08

  • JOB TITLE                                Tutor - Spanish speaking

  • HOURS/DAYS                          20 per week.  Must be available for a minimum of 10 hours between 8:00am and 2:00pm.

  • STATUS                                    Seasonal

  • SALARY                                   $9.00 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS                    Must: be pursuing a career in education as a teacher; have a source of transportation; be available to work during public school hours at least 10 hours a week; hold a minimum of 2.5 GPA; be enrolled in at least 12 units ; and be eligible for financial aid.