Merced College Student of the Month

October 2001

Nathan Frye


Major:                          Photography and Computer Networking

Interests:                      Free-lancing for newspapers and volunteer work for

Future Goals:               Obtain two AA degrees, one in photography, the other
                                      in computer networking, then open own photography
                                      studio and work for UC Merced as computer network

Awards:                        Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Nominating Instructor:  Alan Beymer


Nathan Frye was selected as student of the month for October.  He was nominated by Merced College instructor Alan Beymer, who had been his teacher in several photography courses.  Mr. Frye is described as a responsible and dedicated student who goes beyond course requirements by submitting several photographic options instead of just one.  He combines good photographic style with good writing skills as is proven by readable restaurant and movie reviews he submitted to the student newspaper, something which is a rarity among photographers according to Mr. Beymer.  Furthermore, he continues his learning outside of class by seeking out professionals in the community and establishing professional exchanges with them, and by working as staff photographer for Merced College's Blue Devil's Advocate.  As is to be expected, he earned a respectable GPA in the last four semesters at Merced College and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Mr. Frye is a disabled veteran and hails from Timberville, Virginia.  In his spare time he free-lances for the Merced Sun Star, works on the Blue Devil's Advocate, and volunteers his time to worthwhile causes, such as the cancer walk.  His future goals include obtaining two AA degrees, one in computer networking, the other in photography, and to work for UC Merced as computer network specialist.  If he keeps up the good work, looks like he is going to make it!


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