Merced College Student of the Month

February 2002

Tracy Clarot


Tracy Clarot

Major:                            Anthropology and Life Sciences

Interests:                        Participating in forensic investigations

Future Goals:                 Transfer to CSU Stanislaus in order to obtain a degree in
                                        Physical Anthropology and Forensic Science, then
                                        eventually working at the coroner's office or in crime

Awards:                          Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Nominating Instructor:  Marcus Arguelles


Tracy Clarot has been selected as outstanding student for the month of February.  Ms. Clarot has been a student at Merced College for several years, during which she excelled academically in a demanding course of study.  She is in her last semester at Merced College, and will graduate in the spring of 2002 with an AA degree in anthropology and life sciences.

During her tenure at Merced College, Ms. Clarot has been active as an officer in the Merced College Anthropology Club, and played an important role in raising funds for the club's annual archaeological field trip to Chaco Canyon, NM, and Mesa Verde, CO.  She has also devoted a considerable amount of time to the archaeological excavations of a Native American village in western Mariposa County, and is currently a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

In addition to her academic devotion and excellence, Ms. Clarot has demonstrated an active engagement in her community.  She is currently participating in a forensic investigation undertaken by the Merced County Sheriff's Department, lending her expertise in the study of skeletal remains.  Furthermore, she also performs laboratory work necessary for the identification of remains for the Merced County Coroner's Office.  Her anthropology instructor, Mr. Marcus Arguelles, states that "[her] work is well researched and meticulously executed which augurs well for her success as a forensic anthropologist."

Ms. Clarot's future goals include transferring to CSU Stanislaus where she anticipates completing her studies in Physical Anthropology and Forensic Science in the fall of 2003.  She expects to stay in the local community and work in Forensic Anthropology, possibly at the coroner's office or in crime scene investigation.

When asked directly about her greatest achievements, Ms. Clarot will tell you that it is her three beautiful daughters and her 12-year marriage to her high-school sweetheart, who, interestingly, was a Merced College student-of-the-month in 1988.

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