Merced College Student of the Month

March 2002

Jennifer Gonzalez


Major:                           Registered Nursing

Interests:                       Study!

Future Goals:                Working at Memorial Hospital in Los Banos after
                                        obtaining her RN degree

Awards:                          Recipient of Scholarships by the Johanna Trust,
                                        the Delta Kappa Gamma Iota Lambda Chapter,
                                        Foster Farms, and Memorial Hospital in Los Banos

Nominating Instructor:  Daniel Smith


Jennifer Gonzalez has been selected as outstanding student for the month of March.  Ms. Gonzalez began her studies at Merced College over five years ago during which she proved time and time again that she is an excellent student, as is evidenced by her excellent GPA.  Ms. Gonzalez graduated from Merced College in the Spring of 2000 with an Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Studies, with honors, and she is back at Merced College to pursue a degree in Registered Nursing.  As expected, Ms. Gonzalez's performance in the demanding RN program has been equally outstanding. 

Her nursing instructors describe her as a very bright and energetic person who consistently puts forth 100% in the classroom as well as the hospital environment.  Her dedication and enthusiasm are said to inspire those around her.  One of her nursing instructors, Daniel Smith, comments that "[it's] students like Jennifer that enhance Merced College's reputation as a fine learning institution, while at the same time reminding us why we chose teaching as a profession."

Needless to say, Ms. Gonzalez's academic excellence has been recognized before.  She has been awarded scholarships by the Johanna Trust, the Delta Kappa Gamma Iota Lambda Chapter, Foster Farms, and Memorial Hospital in Los Banos.

Outside of college, Ms. Gonzalez is employed at Memorial Hospital in Los Banos as a nurse extern.  There, she works in the Emergency Room, Medical/Surgical, Obstetrics, and the Rural Health Clinic departments.  Her future plans include staying on at Memorial Hospital once she's obtained her RN degree, hopefully contributing to the  "resolution of the severe nursing shortage", as she puts it.  Given her track record at Merced College, we can rest assured that the nursing profession will have a worthy and upright member in her!

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