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April 2003

Sandra Roman


Major:                           pre-nursing

Interests:                       volunteering at her children's schools and providing her 
                                        home as a safe haven for neighborhood kids

Future Goals:                enter the nursing program at Merced College and          
                                       eventually work in local hospitals  

Nominating Instructor:  Mireya Macías

     Sandra Roman was selected as outstanding student for April 2003.  She has been a student at Merced College since the fall of 1998, and those years have been fruitful in maturing as a student.  In that time, Ms. Roman not only discovered the obstacles that have been laid into her academic path, but also has at good last learned how to keep them at bay - through help of Merced College's numerous support services, as she says.  Therefore, Ms. Roman rightfully deserves to be called a model of perseverance, something that is echoed accordingly by one of her instructors, Ms. Mireya Macías:  "I admire Sandra's perseverance and her contagious positive attitude."

     Ms. Roman plans on entering the nursing program to which she brings the valuable skill of being bilingual.  Outside of school, she keeps busy as wife and mother of three small children.  She volunteers regularly at their schools and at the Merced College Child Care Center, where her youngest son attends.  Please join the college community in congratulating Ms. Roman on her achievements.


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