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Merced College Student of the Month

February 2004

Kazuto Sakita


Major:                           Sports Medicine

Interests:                       Volunteering with Merced College Sports                
                                        Medicine & Athletic Training

Future Goals:                 Transfer to Brigham Young University

Nominating Instructor:  Chris Barrett


     Mr. Kazuto Sakita was selected as outstanding student for the month of February 2004.  Mr. Sakita already graduated from a technical college for sports medicine in his native Japan, and is currently enrolled in the sports medicine program at Merced College.  He has achieved excellent results not only in his chosen area of study, but in all courses that are required of graduates at this institution, as is evidenced by his near-perfect GPA.  In addition to his studies, Kazuto regularly invests many hours in his internship as student trainer outside of the classroom.  

     His motivation and dedication did not go unnoticed by his teachers.  Chris Barrett, instructor of sport medicine at Merced College, commented that Kazuto "brings a professional attitude and drive to learn something new each day that sets him apart from any other student at Merced College."  Barrett also stated that "The quality hours he puts in outside of his course load has given him an edge that few students studying athletic training can compete with."  

     Kazuto's immediate future plans, after graduating at the end of the spring semester, focus on transferring to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, with the goal of becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Furthermore, he is already anticipating graduate school in advanced sports medicine.

     "Merced College has been a very helpful and cost-effective stepping stone in achieving my goals," said Kazuto.


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