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December 2004

Amy Castillo


Major:                           Sports Medicine/ Physical Education

Interests:                      basketball, softball, writing poems

Future Goals:        transfer to a university to pursue bachelor's degree                    Physical Education and Sports Medicine       

Nominating Instructor:  Allen Huddleston



          "I love to play basketball, and Merced College is giving me the chance to follow my dreams while taking academic classes that I am going to need for my career" states Amy Castillo the December Student of the Month.  Amy plays basketball for the Merced College Blue Devil Women's team and hopes to earn a scholarship to help with college expenses as well as she plans to transfer next year. She is currently maintains a 4.0 GPA and plans to continue her education at a University of California or California State University in Sports Medicine and Physical Education.  "Amy is extremely goal oriented and does a great job with time management" reports Allen Huddleston the instructor and coach who nominated Amy for this award.

     Amy likes Merced because classes are not impacted and the campus is friendly.  She participates in the Work Study Program as well as the Sports Medicine Cooperative Education Program.  Amy want to be a coach so she can be actively involved with her team and community.  "I want to help athletes follow the road that is set up for them to take and see them make it to the end" states Amy.  While participating with the Work Study Program Amy had the privilege to work with Adaptive Physical Education which allows her to spend eight hours a week in the training room with hands on learning.  She feels great satisfaction in seeing students become more confident and ask for help.  This makes her feel that she is making a difference.  Amy concludes  "my days are long and my week is rough, but overall it's the lifestyle that I choose because I want to make a difference in this world."


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