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March 2005

Emily Reed


Major:                           Biological Sciences

Interests:                      playing the violin and piano in performances

Future Goals:        transfer to a University of California for Bachelor's      Degree and obtain her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree   

Nominating Instructor:  Carl Estrella and Carmen Rexach , Ph.D.



Emily Reed has been chosen as the March Student of the Month at Merced College.  Emily demonstrates a high level of motivation and enthusiasm for school.  She is majoring in Biological Sciences and is considering becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  She strives to maintain a 4.0 GPA while taking rigorous coursework such as zoology, chemistry and botany along with a variety of other transferable classes.  Emily's excitement for the sciences began when she took biology with Dr. Carmen Rexach.  Emily states" biology was so neat because there was so much to learn and it was so applicable to everything around us."

Carl Estrella, Science Professor nominated Emily and describes her as a calm, collected, polite and respectful person who works well with other students and is highly respected.  "She has helped our class to see and experience the fun part of taking a course and she demonstrated on a daily basis the intense joy and appreciation she had for school and the courses she was taking" reports Estrella. 

Emily has volunteered her time to help students in zoology lab a year after taking the course so that she could review the material and help others.  Emily has been an active member and is currently Vice President in the Premedical Club.  This experience has given her new insight to the many health professions that are possible. Dr. Carmen Rexach, Professor and Premedical Club Advisor also nominated Emily and notes that Emily is hardworking and focused.  Dr. Rexach states that "although Emily is quiet, she is very observant and keenly aware of the needs of those around her, student who considered "giving up" in school stated they received messages from Emily encouraging them to continue."  

Emily's talents are not limited to academics, she has played the violin and piano for 11 years.  In that time she has received numerous awards and honors in many community events.  She has also performed with the Merced Symphony Orchestra. 

"I 'm glad to have experienced the smaller class sizes and more personal interactions that Merced College affords" states Emily.  Emily lives in Merced with her family.  She was honored with a check and special parking pass.  Both nominating instructors believe Emily is a well deserving student and presented her certificate at the Board of Trustees meeting in March



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