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Merced College Student of the Month

February 2006

Heather Munoz


Major:                           Early Childhood Education

Interests:                       reading, sewing

Future Goals:                Preschool Teacher

Nominating Instructor:  Stacey Roduner, Early Childhood Education Instructor



     Heather Munoz has been chosen as the February Outstanding Student of the Month.  Heather is a wife, mother and student at Merced College.  She came to Merced after traveling with her husband while he served in the military.  Heather returned to college after an eleven year hiatus and now her goals and life direction are much different. She reports that she “traded the C’s of my youth for the A’s of adulthood.”  Having definitive goals combined with the love of children has contributed to the path she has chosen in Early Childhood Education. 

Heather maintains a GPA of 3.4 after six semesters.  Stacey Roduner, Early Childhood Education Instructor was particularly impressed with Heather’s perseverance and dedication to her studies.  In the vocational training program, Heather worked on campus at the Child Development Center.  Heather truly excelled when developing activities for young children, she learned to take the theoretical perspectives of child development and implement them into the classroom with finesse.  “It is common to see Heather wearing costumes or supplying props for children to enhance their social, emotional and cognitive growth.”

Because of her great abilities to work with children, she has recently accepted a position at Ada Givens Elementary School as an Instructional Aide.  Her experiences include leading a Girl Scout troop and teaching preschool at Sunday school.

            Heather’s goals include completing her AA degree in May and then continuing to complete her BA degree and eventually becoming a head teacher with a classroom full of young minds ready to discover the world. 

            Merced College has been a convenient choice that offered exactly the education Heather needed at hours tailored around her family life.   She states that “ the beauty is in the journey as I learn and grow to become a teacher.” Mrs. Roduner adds “Heather is well on her way to becoming a true professional!”  Heather will receive recognition at an upcoming Board of Trustee Meeting as well as receive a check and special parking pass for February.  







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