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November 2006

Hiroyuki Kajino


Major:                           Anthropology

Interests:                       participating in triathlons, running, traveling

Future Goals:                transfer to Humboldt State to major in International Studies


Nominating Instructor:  Marcus Arguelles, Anthropology Instructor


Hiroyuki Kajino is an international student from Japan.  He came to Merced in the Summer of 2004.  He has completed four semesters and has maintained a 3.86 GPA.  He is currently taking 20 units and is preparing to transfer to Humboldt State in the spring of 2007.  He is currently studying Anthropology but is also studying Spanish.  He states " I really want to study Spanish since I think it is important to learn something different from my own field in order to expand my world view."  He is taking his third semester of Spanish trying to become multilingual.  Hiroyuki was able to take a two-week trip to Guatemala this summer to learn the culture and improve his Spanish. 

On the personal side, Hiroyuki participates in the International Club and is president of the Anthropology club. These organizations plan events such as the Japanese cooking classes and book sales.  Marcus Arguelles, nominating instructor noted that he found Hiroyuki to be most helpful during the move of the Anthropology artifacts, and department collections.  Hiroyuki spent numerous hours working meticulously to care for the collection. Mr. Arguelles noted that "Hiroyuki demonstrated a sense of duty and selflessness that is seldom seen in students."

 In addition Hiroyuki was has taken leadership roles in the Anthropology club's field trip to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and Mesa Verde, Colorado.  While at Chaco the club had the opportunity to assist a team from the University of New Mexico in the excavations of Pueblo Bonito, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important ruins in the United States. 

Hiroyuki works as a math and Spanish tutor and finds this experience very rewarding to help others since he has received so much help.  He has found Merced to be a quite multicultural experience and this has created his interest in studying International Studies to better understand international relationships. Hiroyuki is confident that his experience at Merced College will benefit his future.

Hiroyuki will be presented with a check, parking pass and certificate at the upcoming Board of Trustees Meeting.

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