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February 2007

Ryan Ballinger


Major:                           Exercise Science

Interests:                       playing football, hanging out with friends

Future Goals:                becoming a Physical Therapist

Nominating Instructor:  Anthony Lewis, Head Football Coach & Instructor



     Ryan Ballinger has been selected as the February Outstanding Student of the Month at Merced College. Ryan works extremely hard on the football field as well as the classroom, notes his coach and instructor Anthony Lewis.  "He is a model athlete that coaches always try to promote" states Lewis. 

Ryan is from Mariposa and graduated eighth at Mariposa County High School.  He manages to maintain a 3.9 GPA while taking a full load of classes and participating on the football team.  Ryan's educational goals include graduating from a four year school with his Bachelor of Arts and pursuing his Master's degree.  He is currently majoring in exercise science and taking most of his general education requirements while at Merced College. When he transfers he plans to focus on his major courses.  His goal is to become a Physical Therapist and hopes to return to Mariposa one day. 

Merced College was the choice for Ryan to allow him to pursue his dream to play college football while allowing him the freedom from home and parents, while only being a short drive away.  Ryan participates in Phi Theta Kappa the honor society and enjoys spending his time with friends.  Ryan was recognized at the February Board of Trustees Meeting with a certificate and parking permit for the month.


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