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Merced College Student of the Month

April 2009

Lisa Chanterie  


Major:                          Biological Sciences/Animal Science  

Interests:                      reading, community service    

Future Goals:               transfer to UC Davis, becoming a Veterinarian  

Nominating Instructor:  Enrique Renteria, Counselor

 She "has always given back to the community" is how Enrique Renteria describes Lisa Chanterie, the April Outstanding Student of the Month.  He believes her accomplishments are seen both in and out of the school. Lisa is in her second full-time semester and has a GPA of 3.3.  She began attending Merced College while also attending Merced High School so she could get a step ahead in her education. Her major is Biological Science, and she would like to attend UC Davis.  Lisa had the opportunity to visit Davis while participating in the Puente Program, a Program on campus that visits several universities.  Her ultimate goal is to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Lisa notes " I want a plaque hanging on my wall that says Lisa Chanterie, DVM." Lisa was drawn to the medical field when she received a ROP Award of Excellence in Medical Occupations for being both an outstanding student and a good helper to the doctors and nurses. Through Advanced Placement classes and earning her rank on the Honor Roll numerous times she is determined to pursue her educational goals.  

Lisa's success has not only been seen in school but she has held regular babysitting jobs and now works at the Merced College Bookstore which as she describes is her first "real job."  As for giving back to the community Lisa has volunteered on mission trips to Tijuana, Mexico where she got to build houses for the poor and play with children from the local orphanages.  She volunteers every Sunday at St. Patrick's Church where she is a Sunday Pre-School teacher.  She enjoys playing with the children while their parents are attending mass. 

For fun Lisa enjoys traveling. She has been to Rome, Italy as part of a trip with her church to see the Pope which she notes was an experience of a lifetime. It is something she will never forget.  Lisa loves to read and states, "reading allows me to escape realities and travel into worlds that are so different from mine."  When asking Lisa why she chose Merced College she said she really needs to be here to support her family.  Lisa admits her family life was a little unstable in the early years as she moved often, parents were divorced and it was quite challenging to make friends, go to new schools or get involved.  She recalls when her sixth grade teacher saw her grades suffering , he said " if you start doing your homework, come to study sessions during recess and  try harder, I will make sure you pass this class and continue on to seventh grade." "Mr. Albers from Our Lady of Mercy School was my inspiration and believed in me and that is why I believe that I am continuing my education to this day." It is now several years later and Lisa is motivated and determined to reach her goals.  Mr. Renteria states "she is an active student who always turns in her homework on time, always prepared, and actively participates in lively class discussions."  These are some of the many reasons Lisa was chosen as the April Outstanding Student of the Month.    

Ms Chanterie will receive recognition at an upcoming Board of Trustees meeting and has received special parking privileges for the month of April and a check for $50. She will also be considered for Student of the Year.


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Last updated on 04/27/09 by Michelle Pecchenino

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