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October 2009

Hiram Dominguez-Cruz


Hiram Dominguez-Cruz


Major:                           Biopsychology

Interests:                       participating in campus organizations and ASMC, running, guitar and traveling 

Future Goals:                transfer to UC Santa Barbara, become a Medical Doctor or  Research Scientist

Nominating Instructor:  Keith Law, Professor of Humanities and Philosophy and Carl Estrella, Professor of Biology    



Hiram Dominguez-Cruz has been chosen as the October Outstanding Student of the Month at Merced College.  This 24 year old re-entry student was born and raised in Mexico and moved to Merced at the age of 12.  He was admitted to the UC system but was unable to enroll due to financial reasons.  He started his academic work at Merced College and then stopped attending to work fulltime.  He notes that he returned with a renewed vision.  He joined several clubs on campus and became president of Students for Social Justice and the Pre-Med Club.  He is currently treasurer of the Psychology Club and Student Trustee on the Merced College Board of Trustees.  Hiram stated, " I am thankful for having the opportunity to be a student leader; I enjoy serving my community at the same time." 

Professor Keith Law was quite impressed with Hiram when he took  Philosophy 5.  This course studies the history of ethical philosophy from Plato and Aristotle through St. Thomas Aquinas.  The course ends with modern philosophers as JS Mills and Immanuel Kant.  Students choose among dozens of contemporary moral issues and are expected to analyze and evaluate the arguments of prominent intellectuals.  Hiram not only stayed with this rigorous course he scored in the top percentile.  This is just one of several examples of challenging coursework that Hiram completed with Professor Law.  Hiram's work ethic and academic excellence  is what impressed his professors.  Professor Estrella adds Hiram's exceptional student leadership and concern for his community are quite noteworthy.  He is a hardworking student and actively participates in lecture and lab that demonstrates his solid understanding of biology. 

Hiram demonstrated his leadership qualities last year when he assisted the Pre-Med Club during a difficult time, stated Professor Estrella.   He organized meetings and activities and also motivated many students to participate and take on leadership positions.  They were able to raise funds to take a field trip to UC Davis for a tour of the campus. Estrella is confident that  Hiram will attain his goals and will share his motivation and energy with others for years to come.  

Hiram's GPA is 3.5 and plans to transfer to UC Santa Barbara in the honors program.   In addition to his busy school and club activities he works as an Assistant Manager at a local restaurant.   We congratulate Hiram on his many accomplishments and wish him all the best.  Hiram will be honored at the upcoming Board of Trustees Meeting and be presented with a certificate, special parking pass and $50 check. 



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