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Merced College Student of the Month

April 2007

Victoria Ingram

Major:                           Business

Interests:                      music, outdoors and community service

Future Goals:        transfer to HAAS School of Business at UC Berkeley

Nominating Instructor:  Christine Plecnik, Ph.D., Phi Theta Kappa Advisor

Victoria Ingram has been selected as the April Student of the Month.  Vickie demonstrates leadership qualities and a great ability to juggle multiple responsibilities.  She is a full-time honors business student, Co-President of Phi Theta Kappa, President of the Business Association, Blood Drive Director for Alpha Gamma Sigma and Account Manager for Ingram's Music stores.

Vickie lives in Hilmar and was home schooled from second to twelfth grade.  She began taking classes at Merced College when she was 16 to finish high school requirements, such as chemistry and foreign language.  She in now taking her final class to transfer as a junior to HAAS School of Business at UC Berkeley.  Vickie has a GPA of 3.78 and has managed to earn a 4.0 over the last four semesters.   

She is an inspirational leader, enthusiastic scholar and committed service leader notes Christine Plecnik, nominating instructor. Vickie exemplifies great leadership ability  by her organization, teambuilding, communication and conflict management skills.  She demonstrates her commitment to service by her active participation with events from Paint-Outs, where student paint over graffiti in Merced to Better World Books Drive. Currently she is organizing an international project to provide school supplies for a Montessori School in Sri Lanka (the area where the school is located was devastated by the 2004 tsunami).  Vickie truly makes a difference in the community on the local, national and international levels. 

Vicki works for her parent's family music business.  She is the account manager for two stores where she oversees 400 accounts and manages the day to day operations of the Turlock branch. Vickie plans to transfer in the fall to focus her studies on entrepreneurship. Her ultimate goal is to open a marketing/consulting firm after her graduation. 

 When asked why Vickie chose Merced College she replied that it provided her with leadership positions that have helped her to grow as a student and a leader.  She felt it was valuable to take business courses from instructors who had practical experience in the field. As you can see this young woman is truly remarkable.  In her spare time she enjoys playing musical instruments and teaching individual music lessons.

 Vickie will receive recognition at an upcoming Board of Trustees meeting and has received special parking privileges for the month of April and a check for $50. She will also be considered for Student of the Year.




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