Student of the Month

How is a student selected?

The student is generally nominated by the instructor whose class he or she is taking.  The instructor submits a letter of recommendation to the selection committee, together with an essay written by the student in which he or she answers a few questions about his or her background.  Individual committee members will then review all applications submitted for a given month, and subsequently inform the committee chair of their vote. There will be three students selected each semester:  Oct., Nov., Dec., and Feb. March, April.  The student of the year is selected from all previous six submissions for a given academic year.  Success can be defined as each committee member sees fit:  key criteria include academic grades, and course load, service clubs, holding jobs, family commitments are all considered in the decision process.

The committee chair tallies the votes, then notifies the winning candidate, as well as Merced College's photographer, who will then proceed to make an appointment with the finalist for his or her picture to be taken.  The student's picture and a publicity write-up will be exhibited in the ASMC office.  Generally, local newspapers take an interest in publishing an article on the winner which in the past have varied from short paragraphs to half-page articles.  The highlight of the selection process is the student's introduction to the Merced College Board and Administration.  At that time, the committee chair will introduce the student to the governing bodies at Merced College, and, generally speaking, the nominating instructor will explain the student's merits to the Board and Administration.  The student then is presented with a certificate and a check of $50 ($200 for the student of the year).  In addition, a special parking spot has been reserved for him or her during the tenure of his term. 


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