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Student Health Services
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To provide students with services, education,  and resources necessary

to make responsible, informed choices regarding their physical and mental health and well-being.

Goals of Student Health Services

  • To provide students with emergency and basic health care services
  • To help students develop a responsibility for their own health
  • To increase student awareness of community health care providers
  • To offer resource information regarding health interests and concerns

Services Available Include:

  •  Health Education and Information

  • Low-Cost Clinic and Community Resource Information

  • Over the Counter Medications

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • Personal Counseling

  • First Aid

  • Blood Pressure Checks

  • Accident/Injury Insurance (this is a secondary policy for student injuries occurring on campus, at campus sponsored events, or Merced College classes held off-campus. Students must report injuries which occur during class or Merced College sponsored activities to their instructor or supervising entity; other campus related injuries are to be reported to Campus Police or Student Health Services. An Incident Report Form is to be completed when injury is reported).

Student Health Services Staff

Donya Avila, R.N. -- Student Health Nurse (Merced Campus)

Jill Henningsgaard-Vierra, LMFT (Merced Campus)

Monique Meza -- Student Health Services Clerk (Merced Campus)

Martha Garcia -- Student Services Assistant (Los Banos Campus)

Susan Roberts, LMFT (Los Banos Campus)

Veronica Oforlea,  Director


  • Merced Campus -- Student Union Building

  • Los Banos Campus - Building A - Student Services Building

Student Health Services (SHS) hours of operation may vary due to out of office obligations.

If the office is closed, you may contact SHS at 384-6045 (Merced Campus),

or 381-6423, or 826-3495, Ext. 6423 (Los Banos Campus) to leave a message.

Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Students experiencing a medical or psychiatric emergency should call Campus Police at 384-6054 (Merced Campus), 769-5749 (Los Banos Campus), call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.

Hours of Operation

Fall 2014

Merced Campus

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:




Wednesdays 10:00am-7pm



 Los Banos Campus


Hours TBD

Students attending classes in the evening or off-site are encouraged to call Student Health Services during office hours to discuss health concerns, to obtain health information, or for assistance locating community resources.

Phone Numbers

Merced Campus: (209) 384-6045

Los Banos Campus: (209) 381-6423, or 826-3495, Ext. 6423

 Director: (209) 384-6157

*Please Note: Services are available to currently enrolled students only.


Questions regarding this website should be directed to

Donya Avila at