Our Mission & Vision


Merced College will provide transformative and empowering educational experiences to meet student and community needs.


Growing our community through education and workforce training:

  • lifelong learning
  • basic skills
  • career technical education
  • transfer
  • degree/certificate programs

Ensuring student success through equitable access, continuous quality improvement, institutional effectiveness, and student achievement.

Core Values

Student Success
We focus on student access and success.

Supportive Environment
We promote an atmosphere of trust where communication and teamwork cultivate a rich environment for teaching and learning.

We utilize agility, innovation, and responsible risk-taking to create our preferred future.

We actively engage with the community and community partners to respond to cultural, educational, economic, and technological needs.

We embrace diversity and equity as community strengths and celebrate these qualities in our institution.

We strive for continuous improvement based on data-driven self-reflection, objective assessment, and dialogue.


"Students are our focus and we are known by their success"