Jobs & Internships for Students

Job Opportunity Services
Job Opportunity Services is a part-time, temporary and full-time employment referral service for students of Merced College. Located in the Career Center.

Cooperative Education
Once you have acquired a job or internship, you may be eligible to enroll in a cooperative education course. Please visit the Cooperative Education site for more information.

Student Success Office - Tutors, Peer Guides & SI Leaders
The Student Success Office hires Tutors, Peer Guides and SI Leaders each semester. For current opportunities and how to apply, please visit the Student Success Office Jobs for Tutors page.

Workplace Internship Network
The WIN office strives to supply employers with a skilled, knowledgeable workforce while providing students with a competitive edge in a new career field.  Creating a WIN-WIN!

California Mini-Corps 
Apply to work as Mini-Corps tutors with migrant children enrolled in K-12 schools throughout Merced county. Read about requirements to join.