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To Be Announced in Spring 

About the Club

The International Student Club at Merced College is a group of international and American students.  Membership is very simple. If you are a student at Merced College taking three or more units you can get involved. With its culturally diverse body of members, the International Club is a fun place to be. All members would agree that they have had very neat experiences. 

The MC International Club serves as a connection for new students who find themselves lonely upon their arrival into the U.S.  It also introduces new students to the old students, and it's the best place to make friends with people from other countries or here in the community. We wanted to be as inclusive as possible so we extended the scope to all students who attend Merced College, so students born in any country including the US are welcome to join us.

For more information

Mayumi Wood
Club Advisor

Phone: 209-384-6381