Buy a Parking Permit Online logoParking permits are available to purchase online through the Parking Management Bureau at

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Parking Information

Parking enforcement is handled through our Campus Police Department. See the Parking Information page for details about parking on our campuses and parking citations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a permit?
  • $30 Auto - Fall/Spring Semester (Eff: 08/01/20)
  • $15 Auto - Summer Semester (Eff: 08/01/20)
  • $2/day (Eff: 06/01/20)
How will I receive my parking permit?
  • The parking permit will be mailed to the address you enter at the time of your purchase
How long will it take to receive my parking permit in the mail?
  • You will receive the parking permit in the mail within 7-10 business days
What happens if I do not receive my permit within the 7-10 business days?
  • Contact Parking Management Bureau (PMB) for assistance at:
    (800) 700 – 4417
    Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm
What do I do after I order my parking permit online?
  • Once you have purchased your parking permit, you will need to print your temporary parking permit and place it on your vehicle’s dashboard. The parking permit will be valid for 14 days, which should allow enough time for you to receive your parking permit in the mail.
What if I am not able to login to my
What type of payments are accepted to buy your parking permit?
  • You can pay for your parking permit using Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.
  • If you are paying in cash please visit our Student Fees Office to receive a promo code to order online.
Can I get a refund for my parking permit or hanger?
  • The parking permit is non-refundable with one exception. You may be entitled to a refund if you withdraw from courses within the first two weeks of a full semester course. Please contact the Student Fees Office for more details.
What do I do if I need more help?
  • We want your parking permit purchase experience to be as easy as possible.  If you need help please view parking and contact information on our Campus Police Department website.