Refund Policy

It is the student's responsibility to request a refund. Refund applications are available from the Student Fees Office

The general refund policy covers the following fees: enrollment fees, non-resident tuition, state health fees, student representation fees, student body fees, instructional material fee, parking fee and transportation fee .

Students may apply for a refund if withdrawing from courses within the first two weeks of a full semester (18-week) course or, in the case of non 18-week courses, before 10 percent of the class meetings have passed.

After the second week of a full-semester course, or after 10 percent of the class meetings have passed on a non 18-week course, no refunds are available.  Any additional classes added after the first two weeks will incur a financial responsibility.

Outstanding Debts Owed to the College

Students owing an outstanding debt to the College will have a hold placed on their account.  A student’s ability to register for classes will be restored after having paid the debt in full or setting up a payment plan with the College.  To pay the debt in full or arrange a payment plan, contact the Student Fees Office at (209) 384-6219 (Merced) or (209) 386- 6752 (Los Banos). Credit card payments can be made online at MC Portal (

Attention: Non Resident and/or International Students

For Non Resident and/or International Students:

  1. Fees must be paid by the census date for each term
  2. If the student is unable to pay in full a payment plan MUST be initiated with the Student Fee's office so that the balance is paid in full before the end of the term.
  3. Students who fail to pay their fees, or maintain their payment plan, will be dropped from upcoming classes.