Located in one of the fastest growing parts of the United States, MCELI provides an intensive program of learning, recreation and cultural activities for students and professionals with the desire to improve English language skills while developing a better understanding of American culture and business practices.

MCELI facilities are located on the campus of Merced College, allowing students the opportunity to study and learn on an American college campus before actually being accepted into the College.

Map of Merced, CaliforniaMCELI students have access to the facilities and activities of Merced College, which was established in 1962 and currently has 11,000 students. With the purchase of a Merced College Student Identification Card, MCELI students are able to use various services such as recreational programs and the College Library, with its extensive book and periodical collection, and student computer work stations.

Merced College is located in the heart of the great San Joaquin Valley and nestled between the sea and the mountains. There are dozens of tree shaded parks, miles of bike paths, municipal and private golf courses, and plenty of choices for sailing, water skiing and fishing. Merced has claimed the distinction as the "Gateway to Yosemite," which is a world famous national park. It is also possible for students to take a day trip to everybody's nearby favorite, San Francisco, and to beautiful beaches like Monterey, and the capital city of California, Sacramento.