• MCELI provides personalized advising and support services for both instructional and personal purposes. MCELI staff is available to assist students in making the adjustment to a new culture. Individualized touring services are available at an additional cost.

  • Upon first arriving in the United States, a student may make arrangements for airport transportation services from Fresno or San Francisco.  Transportation service request and the payment is required.

  • American homestay programs are popular among foreign students, providing an opportunity to improve spoken English skills and learn about American culture. MCELI carefully screens and interviews prospective host families and carefully places students in the appropriate home environment. Further information about the homestay program is available upon request.

  • If you are interested in the Merced College English Language Institute, or would like more detailed information about our program, visit our Apply Now page to access the application which you can send in by mail.

  • MCELI accepts students anytime in the middle of the semester.

Students who achieve a score of 450 or more on the TOEFL after studying at MCELI are eligible to apply as an international student at Merced College. It is also possible to audit or take a credit course according to English skill level while studying at MCELI. MCELI staff will assist students with the Merced College application process.