Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are very important for California's public universities.

University of California (UC)
  • Application Priority Filing Period:
 When to start your TAP (transfer admissions planner):  As soon as possible/on-going
 When to apply for TAG (Transfer admissions guarantee):  September 1st - 30th, offered only for fall semester
 When to begin your UC application:  Website opens August 1st
 When to submit your UC application (fall):  You must submit between November 1st - 30th
 When to submit your UC application (spring): You must submit application from July 1st - 31st

Apply to UC at

California State University (CSU)
  • Application Priority Filing Period:
     To begin studies during the following:  You MUST apply by:
     Fall Semester/Quarter October 1st- November 30th
     Winter Quarter  IF open, June 1st - June 30th*
     Spring Semester/Quarter  IF open August 1st - August 30th*

    *Notice prior to applying, please check Cal State Apply  to see if campus and major are open.

  • Apply to CSU at

UC Application

CSU Application

To attend an Application Workshop or to get UC or CSU Application assistance please bring:
1. Unofficial Transcripts from Merced College, and transcripts from any other college attended as well as any evaluation done by Merced College

2. Bring any work completed by your counselor prior to the application workshop (e.g., ed plans, GPA calculations, etc.).